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About Us

Who We Are

The Greenville Baptist Church is an independent, Baptist Church located in the historic town of Greenville, OH. The church started on November 4, 1971, and the current Pastor is Pastor Tim Pol. 

What We Do

Our church is a wonderful place to worship the Lord together, to serve Him with gladness, and to bring honor and glory to our Savior, the Lord Jesus Christ. There are services and activities available for all ages: Little Ones, Primary, Teens, and Adults.

Why Do We Do It

The only motive for doing anything for God is because of our love for Him. Because of how much the Lord Jesus loved us and gave Himself for us, we strive to do the same with when it comes to doing the Lord's work here in our church and in our community.

Our Team


Tim Pol, Pastor

Tim was born in Cambodia and grew up in Rochester, Minnesota. After finishing High School, he enlisted in the Military and spent 8 years in the Marines. Tim met his wife Katie in the Marines, and they were married in 2009. After the Marines, he went to Bible College in Knoxville, TN to study and to learn God's Word. It was there at Crown College that God had called him to be a preacher, specifically to be a pastor. In October 2019, God led the Pol family to Greenville, OH and to serve under Pastor Daniel Berdine at Greenville Baptist Church. In March 2019, the church voted for Tim to be the new pastor, and he officially became the pastor in May 2020. 


Katie Pol

Katie was born and raise in Greenville, OH and is very familiar with being in the Darke County area. After finishing High School, she went to Crown College in Knoxville, TN for study. After finishing her Bachelor's in Secondary Education, Katie had the opportunity to teach at Koo'lau Academy in Hawaii. It was there in Hawaii that she met her husband Tim, and the two were married in Greenville, OH in 2009. After leaving the Marine Corps with her husband, Katie continued her education and obtained her Master's while being back at Crown College in Knoxville, TN. In 2019, the Lord brought Katie back to her hometown and is serving the Lord in her home church. 


Travis & Rose

Travis & Rose Wooten are a blessing to the children's ministry at GBC. Travis and Rose both grew up in Darke County, OH and are very familiar with the area. Travis is an avid car enthusiast, working on older cars and truly appreciating the classics! Rose loves teaching, helping and is a great photographer. Her photography skills and work of art are absolutely stunning and professional. Travis and Rose are a great team and does a great job in making the children's ministry fun and enjoyable. 

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